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1. Can I purchase goods on a receipt as an individual and I don’t have a company?
– Yes of course.
2. Can I buy the goods individually?
– Unfortunately, no, our store is a wholesaler and we do not sell retail goods.
3. Can I buy goods at net prices, without an invoice or a receipt?
– VAT tax must be added to each product purchased by you, for which a receipt or invoice must be issued.
4. Can I count on a discount?
– Yes, absolutely. We approach each client individually and always try to satisfy him.
5. Do I have to log in to place an order?
– Not necessarily, in our store you do not need to log in to place an order, you only need to send it to us.
– All without wasting time, we will contact you as soon as possible after receiving the order.
7. How long will I wait for the package with my order?
– The waiting time for the package is usually one business day.
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